June 1, 2016

liberty liberis liberal libel ate rate liber primus .......................... liberate us from what hate wins

death of reason and love 
in a socially democratic society 
can give rise to fascism 

and it was believed 
to have always started 
in the postal community 
cave symbol-ists 
churches of hurry 
mechanical meander 
drip liners sacred unleashing 
of the savage thirst 
and unintended consequences 

imperial blind ambition 
in the name of security 
can mean a free nation 
once was, now is 
choked selfish  
divisive measures 

fences, siege mental cities 
pitted depravity 
lottery sanctuary 
distrusting suburbs 
every sort 
of mobile coffin 
lay-a-way life 

news knows you/feeds you/are you doing enough 
comparatively, well are you ... can I sell you, bright you 
the what can I know you/you pretend to fight 
wear masks I provide 
hide in the alone time dark 
you pretend to be yourself 
think no one is listening 
some one, you realize, like yourself 
is always listening 

so reality segues 
vaudeville into meta data lies 
you scream, chasing the Sun 
you are listening asshole 
so are they, the crumb shadow broom mafia 
you give them bread and circuses 
I tell shell monty happy to masturbate tales 
everything for their imagined mothers 
that you'll be ignored mostly 
if you're lucky, stoned most likely 
dug in a hole, center of town 
onlookers, thankful they're not you 
half buried, hands tied, head covered 
black sack cloth like the executioner wears 
only without eyes cut out to see 
the death I am selling to the crowds, coming 
to experience someone else's tragic bleeding ...

time emits spits you at it can you smell delirium 
rain wobble gravy trains were almost mechanical perfection 
spun clay tongue river explanations watch the mountains 
the valleys keep meticulous logs, star dates painted when(s) 
glide the slide rhythm of falling, calling and recalling 
all injury free feelings you might have remembered enough 
to tell in a story of how flying isn't always ascension 

who did recon, what psy-op defences 
have we up and running 
none that anyone knew 
so we read stories 
splitting soldiers in two 
gluing their humanity 
back together again 
humpty dumpty kingsmen and horses 
faces coming home 
from Vietnam or what war 
your childhood was infected with  
when all I/we/you/they/anyone 

happiness with purpose and serenity 

an eternity 

is appreciation 

I had fallen in love with this cute tanka prescription-ist 
she was refined finery fine silk smooth 
all that I wanted 
in physically arresting bliss 
a cool cold pour 
of watermelon 
on a hot June day 
every time 
need arose 

then the 
dissonance resonance 
seance and shit hits 

we made love 
I said we fucked well 
she corrected me 
I agreed 
it was muddy 
magical music 

turn off the tv 
she motioned 
with her eyes 
guile wet clay 
I smelled 
'something in her 
I had to pay attention to ...

didn't they kill Pandora 
when they stoned Hypatia...?

Post hijacking motherfuckers ...

I am done 
with the you 
that is me I see in 
every fucking federal politician 
please stop this mad whirled whorled world 
you have made me and poem live in ...

EJR © 

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