May 3, 2016

what's left unwritten is always eaten by wind and lions

(communal ovens in Marrakesh) photo by Pete Sherrard ©

what did you find worth saving 
back alleys serpentine 
in the clay homes  
of the desert 
glass was waiting 
oven hungry 
mouths, the dark seeks 
worth with, what is  
winged prayer 
for bread and pots 
of lamb's head 
smoked then served 
with lemon, cumin 
and brine 

you find your way 
into this experience 
with magic numbers 
and perfume scented  
greeting cards
 left unwritten 
sent meant 
to linger 
wear you do 

(library funnel cakes and the purpose of evil)

this story is about how to game 
the religions with coffins & coffers 
birth schemes between lives, loves 
and what have we to give 
to avoid malevolency 

women know  
we are hungry 
to be breastfed 
dreams in pantomime 
white pancake face 
thin to thick eye lines  
black red 
and blue 
we knew 
look for scent flow 
wolf goes salt founding cities 
where rain tongued rivers strike 
from mountains to seas

she said 
she was like a 
sun flower 
always reaching 
for heaven 
in the daylight 
but towards the end 
she would bend 
and cast sight down
little leaves 
at the ground 
the sound 
of star flight 
falling when 
Autumn nears 

EJR © 

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