May 2, 2016

given my proclivity

photo by Isabel Muñoz ©

in a slow boil 
of current and form
waiting for the storm 
while a hurricane rages 
we carom 
melody and rhythm 
womb to tomb 
ultimatum conduit 
of who and I 
arguing a mind
is after all 
a soul awakened 

what I wanted was  
her boom bounce swag 
to and fro in through 
my books and bell jars 
with her big hoop 
earrings on, ring-a-ling-ing 
sweaty clutch slipped palms 

is not a woman most beautiful 
and deadly when wielding her intellect 
in opening herself 
to bring you 
into her heart 
and body love 
she does turn to rain 
we explain to our hosts 
we went out 
splashed in puddles 
didn't mean for mud 
to follow us here 

our hosts laughed 
in slippery viscous-es
hitch ride enthralled 
play sets limbo undo 
most constructs 
and concerns beforehand 

her ass jumps out at me dexterity flare and saunter speed 
control, I'm hooked, stealing under my blanket dreams of 
lancing a temporary forever with my ugly stick 
the fish the flesh the threshold met 
what kind of music is this 
flamenco salsa samba mambo 
what jaguar to go far and strip 
my defenses between us 
this means I've surrendered 
my eyes, listen the now for nothing 
while feeling her fantasy with my
finger up and down in spine flight recoil 
spring gate hitch aircraft aluminum lightness 
with insistence of the tides ... 

we know wind and water carve stone for daughters 
Electra paused fire seashore pour iron tells 
pull-salt portage while dreaming 
breathable membrane osmosis meniscus 
portal postage delivery rendered 
body fluid poem by the night stand 

the taming of the shrew, all men need learn to do 
here we were where wear(s) aware 
of wares housed our holy said only angels 
we pretend to not to sin though we humans know 
otherwise to visit desire regularly 
and be it for a vice pleasure 
then a demon is described 
and be it for Gautama soul 
then angelic is described 

coin toss 
edged humans 
way station weighs 
waiting on trains 
on time and tines 

what are they serving 
where you live 
something not easy to fathom 
does it feed frenzy further 
rabbit hole revolutions coming 
spontaneous arm-less uprising 
love and joy tattooed more or less 
or is it something less enrapturing 
with captured death 
and the bargaining 
of privilege 
for the new pieces of eight 
parsed body and soul 
until there's only holes 
and ghost glow left  
of what has really been
the old story all along ... 

EJR © 


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