May 4, 2016

the ocean kept telling my story, it was Circe turning us into pigs

I just remember her eyes 
they jellied my legs 
Geneviève Bujold
I was all egg and shell 
coal chasing 
diamonds falling 
down rabbit holes 
here surprisingly 
streamlined they were 
molecular elevators  
umbilical purring 
they went sideways 
when needing to 
I was hooked 
into this spawn story 
crawl, all I ever wanted 
was a wee fae girlfriend 
or two, surrendering 
to bed post, wonder mint 
breath enhancer 
and those eyes 
deep in hue 

pay the bill dear, please 

and give me peppermint lace 
that taste you wear your face with 
when you're pace mopping the floor 
with remnants of me 
there is a tune you are whistling 
it seems melody seeking 
how could I not 
be surrendering to you 
every name of love 
inside me that
pure(s) a desire  
as never ending 
hold on tight 
you say, darling  
time for flesh 
of fantasy 
fancy foot free 
we're swimmers 
we've no need 
to walk the roots 
of unseen seas 
while dancing 
a storied oui ...

EJR © 

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