May 3, 2016

hansel and gretel llc

'Hansel and Gretel' 
Kelly Walden © 

we did succeed in starting the ant farm  
plexi-glass walls as high as we could reach 
heaven wasn't meant for kids we were told 
old folks and saints if we were to believe 
the woman in the woods 
wise enough 
to give us 
candy ...

she fell into our
more than a few times 
especially when we forgot 
what she had to teach 
we hadn't meant to be
ore fancy delve 
or a devil's preach 
nor a perch stone shadow 
or gargoyle copper claws 
with horns grown green 
in oxidation glow markings 
of her death  
when in moonlight 

that night 
we knew
clouds hung 
to the 

we went 
to visit 
and see 
how she 
was doing 
we had missed 
her laugh and 
deft quick wink 
we didn't think 
she'd ever die 
she seemed 
too lovingly 
to ever 
be dead 
at least 
in person 

we cried 
on the way 
home saluting 
w/ bread crumbs 
and biscuits 
crows & come quick 
you'll miss it 

her soul 
is leaving 
these bones ...

EJR © 

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