April 28, 2016

there's a new series on cable television called, ' she wears me pretty petted, swept tided on off jetty like Schrödinger's cat hair ' ..................................................................................#NaPoWriMo2016

illustration by Edmund Dulac, from 'The Snow Queen'

In episode one 
as emotions grew 
need for organ 
replacements did too
scene by scene 
you were seen hawking 
sympathy for the devil 
by way of telethon  
televised live in human
under belly explorations 
or rebuking
 every living moment 
you were and are 
to be found 
burning with 
 and for 

we wore each other's scent 
once were awake 
and we went out 
to greet drum/skin/tappers 
as they tipple paraded down 
narrow street cobblestones ... 

my fantasy is slippery, you say 
as dew begins to tag along 
with a chill 
after midnight brings 
late April's pan eddied shadows 
before harbor light 
or dawn comes round 
to teach us how to read again ... 

what can we press as felt 
for fiber fed into a cotton 
candy type spinner machine 
then hand mechanically turned 
to more of a life together 
more of what instantaneous 
means gratifyingly close 
to the heart and lungs 
we pin chests 
hoping to claim 
any scent left 
for secrets inside cedar 
the best kept 
wept afterglow 
we can sew 
into the dark ...

folding one's self 
into this material 
one becomes 
lamb's ear soft 
and a ready to wear nostalgia
something without need 
to be cut and shaped 
or milled and marrow-ed 
into lamp shades ... 

pretty darlings and three little piggies ...

martinis and lounge music anyone ... 

care to dare yourself 
a little time capsule back seat 
backyard bomb shelter 
we can watch 
our old selves 
chase the empty pieces 
trailing behind us 
as we fill 
and fall 
with mischief 
and pride, perhaps 
in an early 60's chic 
with minimalist lines ...

you play lonely housewife 
I play traveling salesman 
by the end of the vignette 
I am running out to get 
you a new coffee table before 
your husband comes home ... 

and after commercial segue 
we fade in 
from white noise 
to foothills 
of the Tyrolean Alps 
in thick pine and hemlock 
covered forests draped 
at the feet 
of jagged peaks ... 

they are : 
daring us to ascend 
the castles of sand 
and blended sky 
maps we made 
when the blue fae 
had become 
our friends 
way back 
in season one ...

EJR © 

1 comment:

  1. These are some of my favorite sections:

    "my fantasy is slippery, you say
    as dew begins to tag along
    with a chill
    after midnight brings"

    "what can we press as felt
    for fiber fed into a cotton
    candy type spinner machine
    then hand mechanically turned
    to more of a life together"

    "we pin chests
    hoping to claim
    any scent left
    for secrets inside cedar
    the best kept
    wept afterglow" ... This is all lova-lova voodoo-dolly.

    Seriously, I'm picturing the relationship as being back-to-chest at first. But then there's the spin, the chests being pinned together, which takes this to another level.

    "folding one's self
    into this material" her heart in his clothes, his in hers ... figuratively speaking

    "one becomes
    lamb's ear soft
    and a ready to wear nostalgia
    something without need" ... This is a beautiful state of co-existing. To be without need, I think you already have everything. Because they're so effectively twisted up in each other, maybe the need dissipates to a degree because the provision is readily available. You don't *need* water if you're already drinking. I love the softness of the lamb's ear as a metaphor for how the couple handle each other ... with tenderness. The ear also represents the commitment to listen to one another.

    The opening makes me think of Mardi Gras ... kind of a wild party sort of scenario. I also think the deepening emotions made her grapple with the level of her commitment to him ... in Season 1.

    But in Season 2, I think he's got her facing him, understanding that as long as she locks eyes with him, everything will be okay. He will keep her safe, in him. They are marrow and lampshades at that point ... connected in the deepest places and building a home together.

    Or maybe this is just about breaking in a most comfortable T-shirt:
    "folding one's self
    into this material
    one becomes
    lamb's ear soft
    and a ready to wear nostalgia"

    "we can watch
    our old selves
    chase the empty pieces
    trailing behind us
    as we fill
    and fall" ... Still, I think the couple seems pretty tight. I especially like the role-play games and the three little piggies, the storytelling/-weaving. It makes me picture them with a child, whom they entertain with traditional (and maybe some homespun) tales of fantasy ... the child being young enough that the parents still have time to have fun together without being interrupted, of course.

    The ending makes me think that the show has been going for several seasons and that now these people are dying together.