April 30, 2016

reposed with a lighthouse sentience ......................................................................#NaPoWriMo2016

The Earth Goddess at Atlanta Botanical Garden
photo by Steven W Lum ©

to burn in the turn 
toward morning 
with a love 
for someone 
throughout all 
of eternity 
and you are
a bread of life 
Sun in the East
fireflies at the edge 
of a forest at night 
every poem 
every ghost 
whispering :

here, I am 
at the altar 
a beggar 
I serve you 
thunder trumpets
tender bells and
un-toiled beasts
I bring flowers 
for your hair 
a satchel of petals 
spared for 
the rung with candles 
bath I have drawn 
I left the window open 
as there is a nice breeze 
this evening 
and night 
likes to listen 
to women 
and the sounds 
water makes when 
falling and pooling 
to feel and be
all around them 

is being quested 
or arrested by love's 
wordless plunder 
worth it ...
ask any soul 
who has lived 
with love sickness 
and you'll know 
who doth bear torches 
in heaven and hell 
lighting the way 
between dreams 
and the lives we sell 
for feasts, fools 
and destiny alike 



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    1. If all of us could just disrobe from role and form to be in the throes of our purer uplifting emotions, what a wonderful world this would be ... And poets are notorious for running with the smiles they encounter, headlong into words and such ...

    2. First, That picture is gorgeous...it makes me want to tell her story but, I think you did a splendid job of capturing the essence of her beauty. "Love sickness" ah the beauty and agony of love and I'm not talking about physical love I am talking about spiritual love in the higher sense of being. I don't want to analyze your words I simply want to feel them. Thank you for opening my mind today to poetry in motion...