April 15, 2016

hold onto whatever you can in order to never forget to love ........................... a looking glass #NaPoWriMo2016 poem

photo by Alin Gabriel © 

we were what we thought of ourselves 
instantaneous shrinky-dink-ed 
rear view mirror dangled 
participles and the partitions of falling 

you said leap first and i did 
and all i heard was echoed laughter 
and screamed joys 
of  "we're flying to the bottom of this" 

oh what sweet bliss 
is this that we follow 
fallow no more 
we're worms 

singing split us in two 
and we will grow again 
into me and you right here where 
we were what we thought of ourselves 



  1. I love this, Edward. So beautiful ... image, poem, and poet.

    1. Thank You ... I find certainty times my vulnerable and skips stones upon a glass smooth lake under moonlight ...

    2. You know, what I'd really like to "hold onto" is that rug. It looks super soft. A great place to curl up and take a little cat nap ... with a head full of dangled participles, of course. :)

      That part, plus this one ...
      "and screamed joys
      of 'we're flying to the bottom of this'" ... are my favorites.

      Also, "instantaneous shrinky-dink-ed" (all innuendo aside) makes me think of an adorable children's book/song ...


      Hee hee. We sing this all the time, my kids and I, and we read the storybook, of course.

    3. Yeah looks like some sort of berber shag or fleece from rag made to feel like lambs ears ... soft to tell the Moon and her hair, never leaves us wanting when we are cradling all the why(s) like she is ...

      skinny marina
      kitchen sink full of fishes
      no oil left we'll poach

      dippy doohickey
      the ghosts play on Friday night
      game on in background


    4. Is it Friday? Yes, I suppose it is. I try not to keep up with the days.

      I just watched that vid. What on earth is this magic?! I want that stuff right now. RIGHT NOW, I say!


      I only have tile in my current house (except for on the stairs and in one bedroom); nowhere soft and comfy for me to be on the floor. And you know I prefer to be on the floor. :( In our last house, we had two adjoining rooms with shaggy lemon-yellow carpet. It was heavenly. I made them the "playroom(s)" and spent as much time on the floor with the kids, pillows, blankets, and toys as I could. Man, I miss that floor.

    5. We literally made rear view dangling shrinky dinks and other strung charms ... I collected the monster ones ...(wish I never opened them now but what fun is having a toy as a kid if you're not going to play with it) ... as an adult I now buy two of every toy I want ... playrooms the post toddler ones, and with each season came a new carpet of pile polyester wispy shag soft and in different colors like the foam mats scattered about bean bags and other things we leaned back in watching Scooby Doo etc ... yeah those were the days ...

    6. Now foam-mats, I've got. Dance mats. Gymnastics mats. Nap mats. I move them around every day, along with the couch, because our stuff doesn't really fit in here without feeling awkward. Like my mom, I'm always trying to move junk around to make things *feel* right. I used to make fun of her, but as an almost-old-lady, I get it. And now she can't walk. But I still can, so I'll spend the rest of my upright days motion-jacking with things I probably shouldn't even own.

      We get most of our toys/clothes from thrift stores. And my kids ripped open our bean bags. :( They're so rough.

  2. this is a lovely image and feels like home to me...except I don't laugh I simply sigh...in the valley I call home.

    1. Thank You and sighing can be the sweetest kind of exhale sometimes ...