March 7, 2016

they came at last, for the covens of puerperal women

deemed as having the most potential 
to what we had loosened upon us 
to being durable batteries 
as soon as caught 
they were sent immediately to biological interface 
processing and the rest of us were given over to this fully 
realized investment strategy, open every Pandora's box...

little egg(s) and swimmer-ette(s) 
did you get-to-tag-me yet 
on the way in or was it my daily 
bread, vitamin, prayer 
or pretense sequence re-logic-king...

drink up, quickly, I heard a knock...

my fingers smell like reached into forbidden caught then 
reached into again ruinous pleasured savory slippery bits 
tied to the exhales...

dream stop world is too fast for me 
fucking in olympic-ized competitive form subtle clothes 
we wear gathered to lone asking, are we raw war 
we are echoes of something 
night sky warm billowy angers 
and the chase of bliss maybe(s)...

or are we all wrong path-ing-it
teeming in hot writhing bullshit 
while we feel almost universally 
as soon as were born
an instinctive language-less deep down 
that says oops, there are too many of us 
shit, might as well have fun while I'm here... 

ultimately there must be 
some rubber band fabric tear 
some snap bursting tumult 
of an equalization process 
that involves pain, sacrifice 
and saving fruit trees...

mouth to hand ratio balance 
for simple elegant thrive 
to a tuned complexity 
of ritual orchestral woven harmony 
and invention in a natural world 
I suppose is elusive, 
why I chose to live 
away from those 
who make too much sense...

the turning to machines 
for our own good is coming 
stupid human tricks 
fed many fevers 
until progress 
became it...

this poem needs some air...

I don't want you to write me anyway...

yeah poem, go sit on hot coals 
wishing water nearby 
while none be found...

fuck you Edward...

fuck you poem... 

Edward, you said air as if you wanted the stink off me...

poem, I only wanted an excuse for a cigarette...

we'll both crawl back
knees, palms and 
forehead down then
from here...



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