March 8, 2016

slugs and silverfish aka how I feel constantly chased by mob mentality and want to be away from the light, under the belly of a stone

A mob searches for the Creature
in the 1931 Universal Pictures film
Frankenstein directed by James Whale

wear a hopeless net long enough you'll turn angry too

true congruent communication cannot be the lies your 
mother told you nor can they be how we learned we became 
dust under school desks

meanwhile in the new world centuries after mercantilist ships 
have long sailed from the infantile port harbors made into preordained and manageable historical references...these will be your selling points, boys and girls...

good morning world 
how are you today 
going the way of indigenous people(s) 
red skin yellow skin 
not european skin that's for sure 
let's get hungry for why 
someone says is that wise 
and remember 
all the messenger graves 
we passed on the way in

we have mad gutteral glib charlatans 
and gangster librarian dressed grandmothers 
running to grab the reins here 
the electorate to be smart 
is to duck and cover and start
for at least, a few seconds, to get ahead
of what lies after mass hypnosis wears off

have you sought 
to not be bought 
by a world waiting 
to catalog 
a definition 
of you...?

neo-cons and zionists 
have their every hand out 
with ways to fear fists 
and the iron will 
of their one true god
they do not see reason to whisper 
being death as divine their shout 

lady liberty used to be a goddess 
now she's treated as if a whore 
no more or less than propped 
the top hat not a crown 
eyes better blind nose has found

oh say can you see 
this poem is killing me 
mostly I am wordlessly muttering 
to be mentally ill and sputtering 
that my life, even bat shit crazy, is good enough 
though that's a lie too so excuse me 
I have some more digging to do...


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