January 25, 2016

at the edges of civilization...

at the edges of civilization...

within the din forests of this current incarnation of modernity
there is an eating away at what constitutes humankind's 
idea of permanence...

insides never meant 
to be ever lasting 
waver tone principle 
temple republic disguised 
aggregate masses, weave the people 
order has begun to be a languish colored flag
and decency is uncommon 
and seems riddled with cancer 
though we thought, at one time, that could be 
remedied, only by reading, ironically...

at the edges of civilization 
we are what daylight is strung with 
ritualized by seasons and calendrical adhesion 
we are, a tried tired decadent hesitancy 
an ever wanting setting in, 
remember, falling is flying 
sometimes too, you hear Prometheus say...

who is really selling 
tickets and trinkets 
to the when(s) and where(s) 
you fell, I fell, we all fell 
getting well when said 
we needed bells 
to repair our ears...

so we might soon forget
the music of when 
we were the same 
as an angel's wings 
instead of beings 
with weights 
on their feet, drowning 
in every one of knowledge's 
reflective and deep pools...


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