January 27, 2016

animalcules (the first tarantino flick I saw was 'reservoir dogs')

animalcules (the first tarantino flick I saw was 'reservoir dogs')

each thought after that was...

maybe you 
or something 
different inside
other universes 
are you, too 
one of the form seekers 
the watchers, wearers 
of being, 
maybe you 
or something 
different inside yourself 
is travelling through 
other universes 
becoming one's own 
thought aware, mostly 
of nothing 
special, really...

(damn, there's the poet's interior monologue, 
followed by his long tracking over the shoulder two shot 
up close and personal...old faithful jugular gratuitous spray 
western death engorged with revenge 
and its' eastern ritual desperation(s), the kill shot is 
squeezed and slowed, in letterbox)

single cell desire 
is the future 
anamorphic trophy poem
hellos ellipses agglutinations 
time, a far away old fellow 
is always an angled knife 
here or there too 
I suppose, it slipstream-s 
navigates, knows, the 
nautical charts 
of what souls seek...

free will 
spreads our fingers, pulses our intent 
adheres our spirit 
to skinned flesh, 
bones and consciousness

all our unknown songs 
calls, magnets and directions 
we take for ourselves 
are what we chain link 'round 
memories, what we've thought remembered 
and perhaps wished forgotten too...

here, at the abyss, 
the womb and after-life 
are full of people and freight 
fate and circumstance 
dancing mercurial depot exchange rates...

memories are better said created 
baited then staked and laid claim to 
each perhaps, a glimpse of when, 
simple seemed easy  
instead of accordion 

when we are being what we are 
when we are, ourselves 
most very often  
is likely, all the moments 
we needed to see 
as a memory...

were we a golden play or
the sweet ebb of laughter
or maybe a selfishly 
and hurriedly flung 
hurled rush demonstration
to a somewhere else
the sky didn't feel 
so fenced in...


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