October 15, 2015

outside the sanctuary of surrendering to stagecraft...

outside the sanctuary of surrendering to stagecraft
(after the show you wanted to get something to eat)


we ended up being the standards 
that we bore as marks or stains 
of our having been here before, 
where our humanity 
often went missing, when we were 
in league with our angels and demons 
with our needs raw and wanting 
to be refined and taken 
with savoring, chew and tine...


it was an underbelly stage 
tucked away after hours 
near the piney hinterlands
in a warehouse district 
a hissing street steamy
vented manhole covered 
back alley entrance-d shangri la
hidden in a scene
of salty recessed noses 
and worn o'er shine and slick 
neon asphalt strewn dagger quick 
bright blight longed for edging reasons 
we look away from eddying ourselves, 
completely dissolved into the shadows 
velvet roped lined along the blind-sides...

high pressure sodium bulbs bathe us  
wrought iron fixtures playing gargoyles 
perched above and beyond 
our rational discernment
of shape and intention... 
yes, you did mention something 
about being hungry 
and I just say this time of day 
is why the night can bleed 
with folks like us...

there is a falafel stand 
a few blocks away
I suggested we quicken our pace 
I led and said, "now let's make haste, 
lest we be the feeding instead of the fed..."


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