August 26, 2015

to sit with the air breathing forms...

to sit with the air breathing forms...

portal shoe shiny
mushrooms eat trees 
time eats bones 
I search stars 
craned neck sway 
bobbing slight neigh 
and yeah to sounds...

I am wound steeped 
deep wobble cyclical 
a nature-d gravity maturing 
in fast cellular telomere breakdown...

wisdom is 
cosmological blink therapy 
faith in one's self 
and I've left it 
for the looters 
on the streets 
in the cities 
far away from 
where I want to be 

there, in the urban decay 
is organized roman legions 
and harpies who don't believe

it is in the woodlands 
in the foreground 
away in the distance 
that I come to live
can I be abounding 
and unbound 
at the same time
ranting rise 
and wax 
from lost 
to found 
near each shelter 
the scent captures
in gathering my deaths
with countless leaves 
ready to fall 

I've come 
to collect a few 
to burn on occasion 
in the Winter fires...

EJR ©  

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