August 26, 2015

oh gypsy, will you dance your theater for me...

'Der begehrliche Faun', 1867
 by Mihály Zichy 


oh gypsy, will you dance your theater for me

it was a dream 
she wore certainty 
inside a chaos 
that drew me in...

her irises 
were ornate 

midnight approached 
I saw her there, I said
I need you to take me
to a land of escape 
preferably some vaudevillian 
back alley portal 
in gas lamp flicker 
wear your eyes  

a lined smoky come closer
with hypnotic dulcet shine 
spread'em o'er the cobblestones 
the corner wrought iron quiet housed 
glistening, stabbed in fuzzy fingered 
neon role plays and enticements, chance offstage
in a dark doorway waiting...


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