July 28, 2015

the gymnopilus junonius suite ...

photo by Tony Wills ©

   the gymnopilus junonius suite 

there I was 

strolling through gardens 
trees, ponds, berries, 
ornamentals, high hedges, 
gnomes and statues 
that seemed to glow...
Carrara white moonlight bowed 
string playing after burn memory 
the way they kept their gaze, said to me
listen poet, melody is but one path here, strewn 
about, so go find your own seedy bloomed almost(s)...
harbor notes 
there were 
broken soapstone 
pedestal pieces 
curling like fingers
guiding me to a bench 
where I watched Artemis bathe 
next to a babble and little fall 
of a stream, time-slow tonguing 
an old mountain wanting 
to ride rivers to the sea...
here I am 
sitting back 
listening with
my nose in the air 
eyes closed
kissing the rain...

I am a basket 
of need in reeds 
wading through 
what empties me
low to high tided-ly
the insides 
and outsides 
of things


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