July 31, 2015

I watch the spiders...

photo by EJR ©

I watch the spiders 

they are near 
the spinach and onions 
they weave from the edges 
of the planting boxes...

tunnelers, sates 
and orbital web spinners
snare and repeat, 
quick as a flash, 
fly hungry turns 
fast into dinner 
wrapped for later...

there is a fated 
and capitulate beauty 
strung above them 
a dapple gloaming light holds
the certainty of sorrow...

the maple leaf's thirst 
nearing August 
in upstate New York...

in places where rivers 
and mountains meet 
and not just above 
the Tappan Zee
this sorrow leans 
with us
into the Sun, foretells 
of sweet cyclical bleed 
luring our eyes 
with pretty burn marks 
as scent imperceptibly disappears 
into a 'morrow desert Winter...

algorithms calculate 
need, seed 
and season
I am just here 
to observe 
on occasion...


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