June 1, 2015

poem on the quick in the steam of a mirror...

vintage erotic postcard circa late 1800's

poem on the quick in the steam of a mirror

even the most productive 
and focused madness 
is a beautiful thing 
to throw off 
mendacity's chains with 
and though as Jacob Marley 
might attest, their sound weight 
make for a character's reappearance 
to be song-ful joints and jaunts...

when o'er landscapes 
with our articulates 
in tow our courtesans 
know to keep it 
under the sheets 
we can complete 
a verse or two 
without need 
for words to stay
what say you 
dream the day 
in animal skin too...?



  1. Excellent poem. I especially like the first three lines and the whole second stanza, really.

  2. Interesting. I like the title and that it's not repeated anywhere in the actual poem. Peace, Linda

  3. Ah.. the animal skins of love.. is truly
    a place i love to go.. wild and free
    with clothes on.. but never the
    less.. young *dancers
    do bring 'subtle'
    Yes.. sex sales
    more than money
    it sales creativity
    and productivity
    even science
    says that's
    Ah.. with freedom..
    almost anything is
    possible with
    animal skins
    (:*women with
    clothes on.. too;)
    And i am a
    hairy Ape..;)

  4. I like the premise of this extremely. The first five lines w/o wwith are a wonderful poem in and of itself. hayes Spencer is Kanzensakura

  5. Love "mendacity" and the nod to Joseph Marley.

  6. A wonderful nod to the classic, yet calling to my animal instincts :-)

  7. Now that is an image. And one where words have worked well.

  8. "we can complete / a verse or two / without need / for words to stay".........sweet.......

  9. It's like John Donne with shortened lines, but the innuendo and almost old-fashioned charm is there, created by that use of language that reminds me of times past.

  10. Love the twisty-turny parts of this! I especially loved the mention about Jacob Marley :D

  11. Clever write. The animal exists within all of us...
    Anna :o]