June 1, 2015

illustrating myself as a continuum poem...

illustration by Constantin Jiquidi, 1893

illustrating myself as a continuum poem

I am an abstract symbolist poet 
said the flower to the rain
but the clocks in the water 
said we count not what you were 
or are but rather what you'd be 
if you could see yourself 
the son or daughter
inside the outside of infinity 

I motioned for another cup 
declined the cream 
sipping the steam 
rise staring into the pooled black 
shimmer wobble fantasy delves 
of a poet alone in his thoughts 
while people watching... 

at a 24 hour diner 
off an exit 
near a town 
that once knew 
more bustle 
than nostalgia 
what could I sing 
before scent drove me 
to pick apart and put 
back together, memories 
reminding me 
of a moment now and then
spending past here and now 
to bring me to once and again 
and yes, I'll have another cup 
before this poem ends...


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