May 12, 2015

symptomatic modernity...

triptych by Michael Hutter, ‘The Triumph of Flesh’ ©

symptomatic modernity
( why poets with children might not want to read the news )

we live in a world where caring
is a pejorative hallmark with strings…
yes I may be cynical, very cynical even,
not expressing much if any confidence
the marketeers would have my soul’s back
as much as my wallet determined worth
currently currency instead of any measure
of emotional and spiritual grace
distills my place and potency

I may be laced with poison
interspersed with what good
I am truly capable of…

this is where love leads to copulation artistry…
quartering conquest inside houses of bones…
we pray to the sands to rain temporary shelters…
we affix a less dimensional sense of destiny
to the wind by calling ourselves
kite masters and puppet players…

we travel in long mule trains
town to town to forest clearing
depot deposited backwaters
and urban sewer cathedrals
we promote bowsprit worship
instead of vocational rudder control…

we watch our children play hero worship
theater masking themselves beneath
white industrial birthed digital noise
flotsam and jetsam raking with their palms out
as if there were bread in the skies…

they are raised with a belief that tomorrow
has already sold out today and that yesterday
has always been meant to be painfully
looked back upon as a starting point
for something else that might go wrong with humanity…

they may instinctively understand
we, as a species might be unable
to stop ourselves from wanting
understanding at the cost of a livable salvation…

yes, dreams tells us,
we can rise above the frays,
instill in ourselves a dignity
beyond category and take the reins,
yes we can rise it seems
with a taste of irons in our hands,
the stain of blood on our lips
and meaning slowly siphoned away
into a deepening pool of imagery…

yes, we can blur the lines
between sleep states
and the waking world
while waiting to wish
upon the stars
like a child might
on a near Summer’s night
when everything
still seems possible…


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