April 7, 2015

#NaPoWriMo 2015 no.7

Marvel's Planet of the Apes Vol 1 #21 June, 1976
illustrated by Earl Norem ©

finding the planet of the naive(s), neither evolutionary or divine

if the sanctity 
of one human life 
can be balanced against 
outcome preferences 
reinforced enforcement 
political dogma 
and retractions
can any house 
stand worn thin 
cycling wheeled reason
as news wholly for 
fishing chariots and charities...?

you know 
blind thieves 
depend on 
our laughing
at misdirection...

is the entirety 
of our modern lives 
worth living when 
we have to bargain 
our dignity for material 
and spiritual security 
and comfort...?

when we can no longer 
see fit to wrap open arms 
around any joy outside 
the what and how 
our tribal identity upbringing 
imprints us with 
are we better off 
or closer to some nirvana...?

perhaps some of us think so 
maybe even more than some 
survival of the fittest we say 
dog eat dog god eat god 
tame the beast save the least 
it is well within our right 
to manufacture reality and plight
when we're borrowing tomorrows 
just to say: 

it's fucking mine 
damn it all,
Charlton Heston 
is still on a horse 
on a beach 
somewhere wading 
the lapping tides 
of distant futures, so
why can't we eat,  
why can't we...


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