April 4, 2015

#NaPoWriMo 2015 no.4

photo by Joseph Louw ©

automation fingers 
(if only james earl ray had had an ax 
and an ox like paul bunyan)

they'd rake in coal gray glow 
of 'tween light 
you'd want some more of it 
and you're sure you have the forfeited parts 
the needed parts, even including 
all your apathy toward consequence

desires and lonely cruelty 
of unwanted company 
carve the dying in warm rains...

there must be 
a slow ritual church 
of awareness somewhere

life is going to go on interdependent 
of individual reflection 
you stop at the still pool 
of once was and suddenly
you're nose blind to your narcissism

it steals into you 
eventually falling 
into drip line irrigation 
thirsty needs weeds 
bleed seeds deeds 
in and out 
your scope rifle peering 
meaning nearing when and where 
your trigger points are 

is your saving something to do or not to do 
begs the old stump mirror ring counting 
thieves time the cascades 
wind and water they place 
reverence in repeated cycles 
journeys and trees 

though as we multiplied 
seemingly unchecked
the forests became jealous of cities 
and soured to our lack of faith 
they made leafless summers 
a more regular thing 
said in howl and whisper 
only ghosts want to appreciate 
purity by shade these days


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