April 15, 2015

#NaPoWriMo 2015 no.14

photo by EJR ©

under a forest burning, a womb bottled imp

your password 
and vanity plates 
only, please...

I want to be inside 
your paper fortresses 
when the fires begin...

with secure methods of delivery 
and working back 
to the beginning 
we can keep you 
from ever knowing 
where you last leapt 
wearing only an acute 
awareness of sudden gravity...

I remember you singing something, maybe 
screaming in haphazard Doppler melodies
about what a final resting pulse might 
look, feel, sound and be like 
and for me to beware of imitation schemes 
meant to flatter me with undressing 
as opposed to arming my senses 
as the world would always continue 
to burn down around me...


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