April 15, 2015

#NaPoWriMo 2015 no.13

photo by EJR ©

we ellipse-d into each other...

we happened upon this little neon 
in an old dusty storefront window 
music and scent cheap was spilling 
out a rusty hinged propped open door...

we were still in the vicinity 
right around the corner 
from our accidental beginning...

we were in line 
near the to go counter 
at cafe inevitable 
this morning
when we exchanged 
chemical glances
and danced off immediately
to a more intimate perusal...

we had decided 
right then without words 
not to go into work today 
we had been born again 
full of wanting 
consuming as much now 
as we can...

we were getting pissed, 
when caution wouldn't vouch 
for our whereabouts...

we stumbled out 
seeking more kicks
we left midnight 
hours ago...

we wanted 
to throw eggs 
at the dark eyed 
glass empty buildings 
as we walked by them...

we drank more 
and stubbornly clung 
to a winnowing sense 
of a focused 
and desperate timelessness...

maybe we deep down 
knew by morning 
we would be sleeping 
inside the rise 
blooms and stink 
of what we were once ago
before we found surrender 
could be instantaneous 
and complete...  

maybe we'll say the word me enough times...

lonely can be a constant companion
and for the animal talkers 
this is not a bad 
or articulate 
to feel...

be aware 
am I 
are we 
a potency
do I
did we fall 
flicker light's spell
in the dark 
do I
did we break down
 listening to 

find where 
I or
we needed pieces 
of each other

to fit 


a somewhere else when...

given proximity 
will becomes 
lens adept 
this in lieu 
of an adaptable me 
of a drawn 
slow poem 

hope is for 
an ever thirsty

a you remembered 
hearing the whispers, 
well water, saying...

I am what 
rain does too...


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