March 6, 2015

poetry myringotomy...

photo by Edward Rinaldi ©

poetry myringotomy

it is only
what oceans 
were meant to do 
seed us in rain 
tonguing mountains 
beaches again 
modernity is 
to remember 
music has needs
to listen 
to the hearts 
of things

"( questo è la mia poesia e miringotomia )

( this is my poetry and myringotomy )

 il ritmo infinito ,
vuole essere ascoltato 
essi sono i nostri timpani 
che sono solisti  
in grado di udito
la nostra umanità ,
solo così a lungo 

the endless rhythm ,
wants to be heard .
they are our eardrums 
that are soloists  
capable of hearing
our humanity ,
only so long "
what amazing apathy 
our world has become 
teeming temporal 
palaces of undone 
droning white noise 
too rapid to employ 
serenity en masse 
nothing to toy with 
but a thought 
or two

some of us run behind 
collect little pieces, 
furiously still
playing the haunt 
of notes and melody 
painting the tides 
knowing why 
we crawl scent 
calling out to find 
if our names were 
always born inside 
of what once was 


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