March 3, 2015

eating this fantasy poem, ass first...

illustration by Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder
 from Flemish fable collection:'De warachtighe fabulen der dieren' (1567)

eating this fantasy poem, ass first...

tease small back...
finger trace tongue fever 
spine the limbs articulated...
and 'cause I do savor 
lingering gingerly 
and intoxicated 
with equations 
out of balance 
I start with
her funky
parts first...

this way 
her slow to roaring 
locomotive ghost glyph...
her Doppler curve sounds 
stick to me, mesmerized 
dug into, branded red or blue...

I say to 
and chorus
I'm lost 
the dream

what time did she 
just whisper to me 
for more of what I 
seem to be stained with...

can you tell me?

or is this where 
another fantasy 
wears the end 
of the poem again?


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