February 12, 2015

running milk white stag beastly...

'two nudes in the forest', 1939, Frida Kahlo ©

running milk white stag beastly 

I am here 
in the northeastern united states, 
preying and being preyed upon 
by anti human forces 
rising and falling, wave to crest all in sought 

I'm sitting here after work or paid service, 
whatever you are comfortable calling 
the massaged modern rat race game 
I am passing the buck 
hoping I don't get caught 
with the bill 

I careen my ears into 
the forced air groan, the background modern 
heating an old house...

my life is hidden pieces
what assails me 
while whispering 
winter is endless this year/

this year of seasoning womb parades/ 
black velvet without lights
high and drunk on ego, weed, 
wine and whatever else 
you brought over
to share

you say charade by feel, 
I say by scent, you say, 
let's taste tomorrow already, 
I say nothing, and hope 
I can find my way back 
from the somewhere 
I am between clawing myself 
and rooting into 
those thoughts of you
I never could 
escape from


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