February 9, 2015

fornacalia curiae...

'Woman Baking Bread', 1854, Jean-François Millet
Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo.

fornacalia curiae

"today I rise 
hearth, bread 
and able 

a chambered sky 
wants me 
warm and 

gauze pale filamentous elemental squint curtains 
thrown open snow bound again/ where for art thou 
slow cranked turn of a moment/ be it febrile 
dreams or mushroom tea/ these manic Mondays 
are awash in the white certainty of the northerlies 

tomorrow knows what you can stab, steal and store 
away/ your clutched vest proximity/ your pieces of 
yesterday, what you are still willing to bleed today/ 
so, what are you going to stab, steal and store away

stacked black sack
vinyl and brandy again 
Monday winter is my friend 
shovel here shovel there 
inside a mind knows elation and fear 
places near and far away from where 
there once were remnant fires 
runes in the haphazard accidental way 
ashes cover things like it does in a snowstorm 
all white and gray insistent pushing aside 
plowed roadways provoking and poking 
the caged animal crypts

I imagine water always wanted to play 
with matches/ while I always imagine myself 
teasing death by running with scissors 
my mouth full of marbles, my mind full of poems
with titles such as 'where the fuck is Spring' 


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