January 14, 2015

the daughter of a wizard knew to say...

the daughter of a wizard knew to say...

she was wind 
she was reminding me 
no matter how much 
I want to feel 
infinite, holographic, 
alive, aware 
or woven into
some universally
joyful madness 
I still have to 
imagine everyone 
belly laughs with 
a personal sacred
somewhere real nearby

even if they never say so 
to themselves 
kidding or otherwise 
that this is where 
their core 
the soul 
that has 
their name
for awhile 

this is where 
a consciousness steals 
all the parts 
that bones, skin 
flesh, blood 
and free will 
wouldn't know 
to put inside

time is all 
the unseen knives 
each cut emits its 
own signal carve 
a felt or fiber reach 
of thought 

are useless 
when eyes 
to this scent 


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