January 16, 2015

Mardi Gras with fascinations...

'Pan and Syrinx' 1722-1724,
Jean François de Troy

Mardi Gras with fascinations
(Jean François de Troy painted with corpulence too)

each breath 
we take
is a memory
something that 
became fatter
as Winter 
sharpened its light 
and rolled in 

time has become
a more precise emotion 
as I have 
more of its days 
counted upon me 

death is not 
so distant anymore 
it is now at least 
a closer familiar 

my innate self 
is the calendar 
that begs 

please release 
a spirit me 
hold my soul 
with infinities 

woo my body 
with my brain 
and nose 
as I close 
my eyes

my life, civilized
is as most 
tend to be here
sines and cosines 
symphonic pledges
René Descartes
march hares 

so when this 
idea of mortality 
begins to go 
off inside
each cell 
I smile

I know 
I have 
never minded 
keeping close 
what desire brings 
threshing what 
I and we were meant for

I whore 
and store 
what works 
to lose any sense 
I have 
that binds 
or finds where 
and how I want 
to be seen
by a world 
as temporary 
and fleeting
as the permanent me


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