December 21, 2014

tilt lovely fires tonight...

                                 'Ruggiero Rescuing Angelica' by Gustave Doré

december's puppetry dark daylight

(toys and roasted seeds play music)

(a general din of mechanized ignorance sings)

(emphatically, by whatever means) 

angels, demons, 

punch, judy, the jovial and the banshees take to 

singing carols of ripe to seed...

"bleed me womb thirsty wanting 
you wanting this wanting 
that wanting wanting me 
wanting ever wanting..."

so sometimes 
when the solstice slides
thin edging time
I change focus to
survival dance step 
stagecraft cover ass 
and by mistaking
humility for love 
sometimes even well water 
is just rusty rain with knives 
telling dreams 
the acts to guide
the play on home


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