December 23, 2014

gadfly in the topical ointment...

Illustration by Edmund Sullivan from Thomas Carlyle’s novel ‘Sartor Resartus’ 

gadfly in the topical ointment: maps, long cons, causes and clauses

all of the Americas were originally calculated to be bled out
(resource beautiful wombs, sacrifice, hollow loom revision-istas)

(statler and waldorf are screaming "fuck ye
christmas gentle things" from a balcony)

oh ye singing trees trimmed with modernity
why are we hanging onto our knees
why do we invoke base survival instincts
why do we assuage our fears
and insecurities toward caged comfortably safe
why do we run the risk of devolving
into endless cycles
of soulful in-articulations
mechanical anamorphic means
squeezing the lights wrapped hazily
ill-fittingly stretching shadows over bones
rust and decay disguised afterbirth
and root cellars call the names
what strange fruit remains
history is hainted to memories
by way of permanence and stain

staging truth and archetype
by torture is never necessary
for elegantly expressing
our humanity

guns and people kill
accidentally or otherwise intended
consequence depends on placement
parchment, secular and clerical divide
uptown to downtown, suburbia's coming home again
working the laws on both sides

usually it is immaterial
gathered providence
black robes and white wings
skin cell pigmentation means
cover most things that give away
target acquisition scars
strangers will always be
a danger and endangered here
my hands are up
and I can't breathe
Santa can be construed as Satan
so don't shoot me please
just give me another drink
this poet's staying drunk 'til Spring


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