November 1, 2014

the all souls day trial of resource allocation civilization...

photo of Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Utah., by Jason Corneveaux ©

the all souls day trial of resource allocation civilization

human survival instinct
was due on the stand, first

we the people
felt it was necessary
to engage with our defense vigorously

we would need a sharp
and blind emotion
chained madness
frothing anticipations
image snap sated rituals
a releasing of the hounds
the sounds of chase ensuing

we had to play
for the jury
the sirens
and olfactory angels
as delve downs,
rabbit holes
and gullies
rain uses
to find rivers
and oceans
willing to eat
into where land
has stood for eons

we felt it was
impossible to build
a case/house without erosion

lead to evidentiary
flood plains and
implied circumstances
storm clouds
feed the memory drains
and fades away
decay knows
show them
forests and
high desert
algorithmic cycles
gravity in the reach
of seasons

our life has become 
persistent reason's 
consumptive reasoning 

the delicate arch into
a free tomorrow

what has always been
the tall monument
of rock left
in a night sky
full of empty
as the wind
works truth too
from purpose
and perspective
like water does
honed and hungry
for your time