November 16, 2014

Icarian Saturnalian...

occhi, morso il rituale ...

I, beg and thieve
prey fantasy
altar rain
I eat mosses
beneath weather
skin to dew
slow lattice
tease fan expand
twirl rapid feather duster
stop and tease again

ritual window
wishing theater
this is water
holding its breath
it means Winter
directs hunger
desires purity
ribbon-ed surrender
candy bowl unnoticed
Yule and fire
steamed windows
savory cries
love and lust
the lean parts
holding on

lengthening night
paints choruses
whispers and moans
the audience knows
how to color what’s best
for the rest of themselves

holidays though, to me
are a mad uneasy
a slut gift frenzy please-a-thon
near shutdown impossible
I imagine you
stare words too
turn tuck and bend
back into
the day
wearing what is knew
of a soul passing through

nude anew has its own allure
in my comic strip, I am a whore
for anticipation
I am always taking
my time unwrapping
an almost somewhere



  1. Your writing is astonishing.

    "Winter directs hunger"
    "the lean parts holding on" (I first misread this as "the lean parts OF holding on")
    "lengthening night paints choruses whispers and moans the audience knows"
    "a mad uneasy"

    I love the idea of putting rain on an altar. You might have intended to use the verb ("alter"), but I love the misspelling, whether an accident or an intention. I also "altar rain."