October 6, 2014

Selenelion and the atmospheric refractions...

cadaver art by Gunther von Hagen

Gadfly and Overnight Mortuary

in pinged then
bell whistled cycles
we became
a ten penny arcade
we pinned
felt patches and
kneaded emotions
onto the cadavers

we spaced out
all the odd poems
and attractions
we had made up
from the jumbled nebula
of magnetic words
we placed a few years back
on the front of the instrument cabinet
that stood right next to the examination table

it was on these occasions
when we dealt with multiple trauma victims
and many expiring with age, at once
we wanted our lodgers
to know at least
a fleeting glimpse of clarity
we wanted
some divine piece
of humanity
running through
their cold bodies
at goodbye

we said
they once
breathed life
their rose skin
was full of clarets
and chaos was how
love got in

we only wanted to laugh
with them as if they were
still alive with a view
mastering the slide
under other people’s skins
we wished they knew
how much
being dead
they were into