October 6, 2014

going once, going twice...

photo by Ric Wright ©

the music hall was an auction house for closing acts

we went there to buy
what could still
surprise us
but instead we fed
a lingering desire
to sell ourselves
to be each other’s
baby for awhile

we rode strings and pages
sectioned to uniformity
and rhythm
we were sweeping things
we did not take a shine to
back into shadowy rests
and finishing schools

we knew to teach
our eyes to sing
to have their reach taste
of blood ripe jams
to wax in
times when
our souls rolled,
roiled and simmered
between seeds, fields
and those seasons of things
we defined palatable with

and it was
opening night when
we began breaking
the seals
one by one
we bid
to possess
all the ghosts
these memories
would leave