September 25, 2014

refining the undone(s)...

photo by Kyong Nguyen ©

the librarian wore louboutins

we happened upon
seldom seen essays,
terrific hand written
old paper roams
tucked away
in a group
of old author favorites

hidden in a little studio
we found behind
an abandoned
reference section’s
back wall secret panel  
there was, left ajar
a door, for the curiously and
exhaustively patient wanderers
of wondering if this moment
is all there ever is

there were tomes about
would be robberies
time travel by copper wire hats
how to manuals,
describing every kind
of grift imaginable,
merchant cataloguing
of black market commodities
descriptive tales
of narcotic highs
and seduction clues
even reactions
you can give to news
as if someone
were waiting your life out
not knowing you would have
already read this poem