September 25, 2014

el mundo espera oportunidades tomadas...

 photograph of "Dawson House" in Mobile, Alabama, taken by Frances Benjamin Johnston

Rumpelstiltskin was my attorney

I never knew what time
I was supposed to arrive for
appointments I'd made in the past
so I always went earlier
than I thought I had arranged
so I could be thereabouts
right on or near schedule

down the manor lane
a large house beckoned me
the gathering gloaming said
to venture inside the entry hallway
where I read a sign above his office
telling me, “now never waits, why should you”

we see to believe
time goes for the jugular
while capsule mementos
are the sentimental
we cover our tracks with

we deceive ourselves
Rumpelstiltskin said
with immortality and its sheen
we preen feathers
for working class daughters

take gazpacho for instance
who knew tomatoes
were a breakfast food in love
directly connecting alchemy and romance

you’re billed for the hour
regardless, Edward
so stop watching where time went
every lance of the minute hands
and their hourly watch are not your friends
you, yourself, savor and slow things down
when engaged in bargaining
for your life or more
I’m only here to make sure
you get what you pay for