September 15, 2014

beat heart, beat...the smell ruin is nigh...

photo by Todd Hido ©                                                                                                                                                                 
ushered, bellowed and weathered

when altering any mechanics
desire and need
odd channel happenings
caught fire bleeding

yes, I am talking to myself
through the crackle voice
of a warm hearth
in a falling house

bless my soul 
a nameless mutter
an udder-less wallow 
a rain torrent shame
a blame someone else 
a game of tame
and shelf

I hear the echo say
night time is my domain
you'll have to pay
for there is a price
on every line you cross

the line you are now idling by
one of cornerstone destruction
commotion-less seep
blow out fancy party
keepsake and all

all reap variants want is 
for you never to pretend
you are flying
when comes
the fall and decay


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