August 29, 2014

a favorite painting...

'Catskill Mountain House, The Four Elements' Thomas Cole, 1844

freeing freedom free

pleasing by cane and bell
 sensory banquet fuck it
 pleasure forays tell
what wisdom hides
rides four elements
horsemen disguises
you tell me things
lens to flare nostril
quarters drawn to blues

we play playful
we harvest ripe pelts
our velvet turned
a language lingering
where scent marks
trying to remember
journeying while stuck
destination soul hole
solely sorrowful role
assignment is ritual
algorithm joint flesh
marrow writing credits
music at the end
moving pictures with
each piece of you
I carry to bed

this me fits time
chaos counts my moments
what I've burned
digging my nails into trees
leaving poems where the rivers
come to dig into you
where mountains surrender too
when I become rain praying
a pleased need
an always another again
emptying into you 
what fills wanting 
the bright reasons, seasons 
and holiday celebrations
the shadow toll fits
all the places 
we steal into

I fall freely in love
in war in apathy in anger
in ache in agony in danger
not being, turning chance
shoe away soul from song 
shoe away soul from roaring
shoe away staying hushed
shoe away lush languid lucid
keep letting water 
steal soles and the keys
to the poems


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