June 4, 2014

palm birthing eyes to open you...

Ruth Bernhard (1905- 2006)
             Hansel and Gretel didn’t believe in one god either

     We had started out as a merry band of disassociated personalities, with our various cultural attachments we had deified to protect our souls, after the invisible wars became too apparent to ignore as individuals. Where we were headed was wind driven hunched ripe for sure though each of us still held, like Diogenes at noon, a little light to shine when fear brigaded itself in charge of our eyes. The world became a much different place when innocence left us in a race to save itself. Perhaps the animal kingdoms knew best how to wrest the mantle of love from material witnessing. Testimonial entertainment was a hot iron branding voyage to the cold water plunging of what perspective can be when we choose not to see any part of us alive in a world more willing to die comfortably than to live with struggle.

     Yes, we had started out a merry band, arguing over which divine love was centered just so we could all make out a true north soul. No maps are ever truly needed. Even the hints of direction they give, are never heeded when seeded with what muzzled discontent can sow. Here, the forests, mountains and lakes, wait for the laughter of a child, who is born wild and ready to lay claim to what thrones sit upon the bones of progress and fairy tale reclamation.


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