May 24, 2014

Pan loves the orange groves too...

Grand Marnier, Slightly Less Mysterious, Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners, 1995

prostituting desire by dream sequence to find your prime number (a flash-fictional piece of me)

 I found you looking through my things. You pretended as if I had not caught your theft of my privacy. I promptly disrobed waiting for you to notice my faux moaning the names of your girlfriends, you had once said might have wanted me temporarily. At this point, being a disposable sex object is something I would not object to. Panhandling is grating on my nerves and there is just so much eye contact with empty minds I can withstand. So, I say almost at orgasm, do you enjoy cleaning up or do like making a mess. I’m guessing you bless yourself with both sides of that fence, depending on the room size and whether the mini-bar is stocked with Grand Marnier.


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