April 4, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 #4

photo/image/art by William H Mortensen ©

lonely indicator lights, alarms and the wind

she said her engine needs servicing
no kidding I thought, servicing, servicing, servicing
play cards placate placard vacate gyrate pulsate velvet 
pellet bandstands to dance halls she channels 
what can be filled and filed, a slow fingered nailed
a found by way of thinning yourself a shelf 
going along with the setting Moon

she is what I have to get done 
when caught by sirens pining 
for even faux rhetoric 
and tonal inequalities

I might add, 
I subtract nothing 
from being a running pedestrian 
and this peddled shaved 
square corner deal…

she’s still sleeping…
I’m outside smoking, 
pondering moonlight and 
a seemingly never ending winter, 
still gripping tight to ghost March-April this year
she said our needs often strip wanting 
into surviving with internal terrors
we are prone to praying
to being what asps prey
to explaining the way rain hypnotizes
indicating why every lonely is another poem…


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