April 3, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 #3

photo by Edward Rinaldi

window Ceres, fish eaters and the feasts of purification

it is morning again
in late modal Spring
a model song and sunrise

words are being spoken 
as if they were 
broken utterancesglances 
and the quiet stretches of when

you were listening
tending a fire
when night was taut
to cut daylight
and stay longer

oh, sentry silhouette
to windswept
my calendar tree
you are a creaking bough
and bare limb April
still cold enough
to bark wool as I reach
in my hair shirt
for an extra blanket

Ceres, I have begun
to look back upon
what you wrapped
finger and dream
bleeding slowly to us
seed, grain, till, turn, 
water and millstone grind

from Candlemas to Beltane
your year is an end
that closes out
burst novae
honed in

Ceres, it is your
womb leading me through winter
giving me gravity to bathe in
an amniotic now
a dark fertile remains
thirst and hunger
Hansel-ing and Gretel-ing my way back
fattened up in the woods
from decay and antler slough off
to portal mooring in mushrooms
from early greens between carcasses
to divine to deadly paths

Ceres, I am
feeding a feeling fed tine-d
for the starving placentas
for being tuned to the ancient
part of your memory
I read aloud
when mining what I say
without needing words

what kinds of elliptical
movements are you
when you watch us
aware of even
our tiniest of root ways
the single cell byways
that keep our time,
hopes and life
in our hands
self winding


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