April 18, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 #15

my intentions are a pyrrhic pyretic

I am

crawl panning
for sirens
in the sluice
of humanity’s
declinational tides 
and reigns

in Spring

I dream
caught sharp
Sun warming
words for bones

I bounce
ugly anxieties
high escape plans
every exit hatched
and latched onto

I steal time
to not feel alive
life can be a bitch
to keep up with
so I mostly
throw up
poems, cloaks
and a comfort
for the quiet
in the slipstream

my hands too
wave like most
instruments of burn
desperate to smell
what feels
like timelessness
and music

my soul’s weight
is more than
a farmed sentiment
framed by a longing
for every moment
to be my alchemically pure state

with captures
and treasures
every when

I smiled


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