February 6, 2014

hey there doll face...


we used to worship the Sun, now all we do is try to stay womb-warm

they found us under the hasty leans of corrugated steel and tin/ old freight containers torn apart to shelter us against the sky/ the constancy of war, both subtle and overt, became the acceptable lesions upon our souls as we progressed to a more and more technological modernity/ ignore what ye can/ for the mind is only a bag of tricks waiting for the first moment you are no longer able to be surprised, awestruck or otherwise dumbfounded with a trembling joy/ mete factory lingo/ signs without words point out directions away from insurrection and revolution/ convolutions are logic based arguments twisted into a fantasy you can believe in/ stay warm and full of saturated engineered fats/ break the body down/ send in the clowns when it comes to funeral expenses/ those fences you have built are your documentation to an individual pursuit called self awareness/ meanwhile deformation lines continue to build characteristics into hollow men and women/ the sides of coins we fought for are again worn thin/ rubbed by our fingers in our pockets that once held tangible things and now only account for little whimsies in flimsy dress/ yes, send in the clowns and expense it out to what value gold and silver in a future without a humane humanity can hold/ pocket or not/ lock it or pocked fit where we might begin to piece what hope does driving blind against the rain and wind/ huddled and massed/ the weight of the natural world is but another lost cause we've accepted and deified as a whisper or last breath...


1 comment:

  1. Some still surprised,
    while their chin
    rises to see
    stars play...
    ~ nice to see you back, Edward :)