February 8, 2014

clocks that fish, rituals that wish...


grave robbing the invisible

we found life
in the shallows
of Jocasta
at low tide

inside the ways
we used to look
at each other
we were joyful
and incredulous

we both knew
roller coaster oscillations
were our thing
we wanted to play
to sing silences beneath
a disco ball
a captured night sky

when we were indoors
we mirror swept rhymed
we were the dark parts
a soul keeps dawn at bay with
we were wept whetted by reflection
we were politics of chance
and chemistry
we were ionic
and covalent bonds

who we were
was not as important as
what we did
with any moment
that had captured us
in rise and fall

in lies and truths
that called to us
asleep and alluring
enduring the parts
of our souls
that were the creative ties
binding us
to each other
wave after wave
king and queen
to maid and knave
master to slave
we at once allowed
and disavowed any why
in order to sharp stick
any ugly we had left
caught in our eyes

so yes, Antigone
those ways we used to see
when blind included crawling
with spade and intentions
along the tongue cliffs
above the seas
and time
we never once
had to mention
we had come
to feed language
between decay and bloom
with articulate bones
in order to feel alive
inside each other’s reasoning
for staying long enough
in love
to leave
a scene


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