July 25, 2013

within an arc...

photo by EJR ©

Liberty, kindly tell me what time it is

with your words
piece out a tomorrow
that is prayer beaded
throw chances in a bowl of keys
take one leave one
stare into my reflective surfaces
cool your mind let go of resentment
blah fucking blah
turn the television off
stop reading those glossy magazines
we both know this cesspool world
is becoming more new roman
more new jerusalem
or should I say more american
by the second

the social calendar affords
no one impartiality
spring and summer are green
as we sit witness boxed
with pummeled faces
quickly wearing what matches the weather
we are both wondering
when the bus with the iron windows is coming
you pine out loud and say
it is usually torch lit and pitch forked
with mob anger and I say yes
I will look at your pictures now
your ass your tits
the slight opening of your bitten lips
you can say anything you want
because I’m taking more
than the mints you left on the table


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