July 27, 2013

serenaded with paper dolls...

photo by Scott Dickens © courtesy of Rocket Pop Media

a trip to the great halls of inventory

we spent all day
scavenging for words
to say to each other
while passing time
with pieces of eight
and fast food bites
the sounds of thin waxed paper
and cardboard decorated
with recognizable escapism
allowed us to drift further inside ourselves
cementing the distance between us
while we sat just a few feet
from each other

I drove
pretended not to understand
that grave and gravity
were sometimes connected
with sinew and a smile
when it comes to leaving
something dead
at the side of the road
we once
shared a map to a here
we knew without
needing words
for meaning

we fidget
not understanding
the quiet
to feel our way
through a goodbye
while gathering
what constitutes
for dumps
collecting plastic bags
filled with the yellowed pictures
of what once was


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