May 28, 2013

tranquil stenciling...

photo by Edward Rinaldi  ©

we beg in escape clause

there are great deals
for the kingdoms
beneath our skin

here are the
early warning signs
any odd behavior
apathy as a creative process
milling about
stuck in neutral
with a few jangled
coins for ballast

you sin
I sin
we win
door prizes
for our

there is
bale wire strung
to the LED lights
these tiny stars
push a sharp bright
into the growing din
of data-ized flesh

modernity is
collected machinery
communications and
selling points
everything is woven
painted onto muslin
covered stage panels

light-weight moral anchoring
whir whizzes around
in countdown persuasive
argumentative lodge poles
old maples and oaks
line valley cemetery scrolls
where souls get in
jump off
the registries
with ease

you hear words
from midnight
when you awaken
to the beat
of the beast inside you
a crow polish of sand
and the slow spit fires
of other souls
never dying
of mono theism

your body
is the base construct
we fill our spaces
with meaning
there are no instructions
only free will and
fated chances
in the rear view

I come to the information
to the stream
bending to drink now
at the precipice
of Summer
there is a smell
a raw earth scent
lifting the cold shudder
of Winter from my memory
and even if this is just
for a second or two
I am resplendent
in the tiny flowers
bottoming the moss

maiden to
veined to
vox populi
eyes are useless
in the high Sun and
warm parts
of a deciduous land
begging too
in every form
of return oscillation

patient gathers
coat broods
bleeding wombs

and you stop me
insisting on words
twisted into
the bark
of trees


1 comment:

  1. Each stanza is a stand-alone and each too good to pick a favorite. However, as always, your closure is perfection x